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The MC Medina Experience

Introducing MC Medina of Conscious Minds Ent®, a dynamic, versatile, & bilingual entertainer who stands as one of the industry's most captivating personalities. With an extensive skill set encompassing motivational speaking, writing, producing, MCing, DJing, live remixing, fashion, comedy, and now authorship, MC Medina is a true polymath dedicated to sharing the transformative gift of music with the world.


With nearly two decades of professional experience in the music industry, MC Medina not only engages audiences with his quick-witted banter and positive messages but also brings a competitive edge through his goal-oriented, outgoing, and ambitious personality. What distinguishes MC Medina from the ordinary competition is the fusion of his seasoned professional experience with lyrics steeped in higher consciousness.


As a seasoned professional and now an accomplished author, MC Medina is a guarantee for maintaining elevated energy levels and radiating genuine, unconditional love to motivate and captivate the audience. His ability to remain in a creative flow state is unparalleled, making MC Medina the ideal choice for those seeking an unforgettable entertainment experience.

MC MEDINA the knot
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